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    SelfdropToken (SDTK) is the first ever trustless decentralized ERC20 token redistribution platform utilizing an innovative ERC20 smart contract that accepts its own tokens (not ETH) in order to redistribute other ERC20 tokens — a first of its kind in the Ethereum blockchain. It is rooted with the ITO site All ERC20 token donations received by are being redistributed to all SDTK holders via its main smart contract.  SDTK is a PURE utility token with REAL instrumental value designed to be usable by everyone within the crypto community.


    We Are Operational

    SDTK has been operational since our platform launch last October 2018. Our platform is fully functional and already usable. Our SDTK token holders can enjoy the benefits of instantly receiving other ERC20 tokens from either start-up or already successful ERC20 projects by simply sending the required amount of SDTK tokens (not ETH) to our main smart contract.

    Automatic and Independent

    The SDTK main smart contract redistributes other ERC20 tokens instantaneously and self-activating without human control. It is fail-safe, accepting only SDTK tokens to function. Any ETH sent in it by mistake will be reverted. Any other ERC20 tokens sent in it will not transfer any ERC20 tokens that we are reditributing. All transactions are transparent in the Ethereum blockchain network.

    Main Smart Contract




    The main smart contract above is where users send their SDTK tokens (not ETH) to instantly receive calculated amount of other ERC20 tokens. The main smart contract code will not be open-source to avoid infringement of intellectual copyright and piracy.



    SDTK Selfdrop Bonus vs. ITO Price


    Minimum Required SDTK:

    100 SDTK


    2,500 ILT

    SDTK Selfdrop Allocation:

    Send a minimum of 100 SDTK tokens to the SDTK main smart contract and instantly receive 2,500 ILT tokens. Send larger amount of SDTK tokens and instantly receive more. Have diligence to check our smart contract token balance and make sure there are still ILT tokens in our main smart contract before sending SDTK tokens. The SDTK selfdrop of ILT tokens is until Sunday, May 26, 2019 22:00 UCT+8 only or earlier if all token supplies are claimed. 📕 What is a selfdrop?


    Disclaimer: Aside from the already sustainable ERC20 tokens that we personally buy, majority of the ERC20 tokens we selfdrop are donations from other ERC20 projects. and the SelfdropToken team is not directly affiliated with the management of any of these other ERC20 projects. We will not be responsible for any financial losses caused by any internal decisions (discontinuation, token swap, etc.) that they might do in the future. The selfdrop that we initiate are part of our platform utilization and an additional advertisement and marketing exposure for these other ERC20 projects who donated. Everyone is still strongly encouraged to have due diligence to do extensive research regarding any ERC20 projects whose ERC20 tokens we selfdrop. Sending SDTK to our main smart contract to get other ERC20 tokens is still your own prerogative and choice — no reimbursement will be given for reasons whatsoever.

    Storable In Any ERC20 Compatible Wallet


    Current SDTK Selfdrop


    Listed Exchanges

    SDTK is now listed in several Exchanges and is also tradeable in decentralized Exchanges that have address trading capabilities. Nevertheless, we encourage everyone to use SDTK as a utility token and make it serve its purpose. As aforesaid, users can get other ERC20 tokens that we selfdrop by utilizing SDTK (sending it to the main smart contract). At its current state, SDTK is still gradually making traction in the cryptocurrency universe and we believe that it is still untimely for it to be a tradeable asset. We believe that SDTK's value will truly be judged once its popularity will reach its peak in the future. Support the development and sustainability of SDTK by obtaining SDTK via our donation smart contract and using SDTK to get other ERC20 tokens that we selfdrop. Once we will accumulate more fundings from our kindhearted donors and token holders, we will immediately have SDTK listed in several high liquidity Exchanges in Coinmarketcap's Top 30 Exchanges.



    SDTK Platform Operation In A Nutshell

    • A user sends a minimum of 0.01 ETH to the SDTK donation smart contract. The donation smart contract will automatically and instantly transfer 10,000 SDTK tokens back to the wallet address of the user for every 0.01 ETH donation. Larger amount of ETH sent will transfer more SDTK tokens. 📕 Sample TxHash


    • A user sends a minimum of 100 SDTK tokens back to the SDTK main smart contract. The main smart contract will automatically and instantly transfer calculated amount of other ERC20 tokens back to the wallet address of the user. Larger amount of SDTK tokens sent will transfer more ERC20 tokens. 📕 Sample TxHash


    Advantages and Benefits

    Diversified Portfolio. All SDTK holders can of course use their SDTK tokens to receive diversified other ERC20 tokens periodically that they can trade on Exchanges (if the ERC20 tokens were listed on any Exchanges already).

    Freedom of Choice. All SDTK token holders can receive any ERC20 tokens we redistribute if they like it. If they don't like the ERC20 tokens that we are redistributing at a certain time, they can simply wait for the next ERC20 tokens that we will redistribute.

    Sustainable Platform. The SDTK selfdrop redistribution platform is smart contract-based making it trustless and secure, requires minimal maintenance, can selfdrop ANY ERC20 tokens, and will stay operational as long as ERC20 tokens exist.

    Decentralized. SDTK is a PURE utility token and is NOT a tokenized security ensuring zero governmental and jurisdicial intervention.

    Propitious. SDTK have REAL instrumental value and tradeable not because of The Greater Fool Theory but because it has true worth.

    SDTK Token Distribution

    To let everyone test our platform, we are giving away free 100 SDTK tokens once per unique Ethereum wallet address. Simply send 0 amount of ETH to our donation smart contract below and you will instantly receive them. You can then send your 100 SDTK tokens to our main smart contract above and you will instantly receive certain amount of other ERC20 tokens from our current selfdrop.


    For angel investors and crypto-philanthropists who want to support our developments and further future Exchange listings, please donate a minimum of 0.01 ETH to our SDTK donation smart contract below and instantly receive 10,000 SDTK tokens. Donate larger amount of ETH and instantly receive more SDTK tokens. 📕 Donation Use

    Donation Smart Contract




    Please donate a minimum of 0.01 ETH and instantly receive 10,000 SDTK tokens back to your Ethereum wallet where the ETH came from. Larger amount of donations will be rewarded with more SDTK tokens.


    Ongoing Developments

    It is believed that the blockchain implementation is limitless. DApps and other blockchain uses are bound by the imagination. SelfdropToken is just the beginning. By the time that you are reading this, the development team behind SelfdropToken is rigorously brainstorming, developing, and testing more smart contract-based projects that will bring unique and intriguing decentralized innovations to all members of the crypto community. Just like SelfdropToken, it is also our core commitment to never release any DApps and other smart contract-based projects that are not operational. Expect that all of our developments will be released fully functional. Below are some of what we are working now:

    Decentralized Token Crowdsale Marketplace

    We will build an online marketplace wherein users can purchase different ERC20 tokens from ITO projects and other projects that wishes to do additional crowdfunding. Purchasing these ERC20 tokens will be smart contract-based and token distribution will be instant and automatic to the wallet address of the buyer.

    Development Status: Smart contract on testing phase.

    SelfdropToken Web DApp

    We are now looking for a well-experienced freelance web developer to build a script that we can embed in our website wherein users can send ETH to our donation smart contract as well as send SDTK to our main smart contract by automatically interacting with MetaMask using a few user initiated clicks.

    Development Status: Now hiring.