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    Please read carefully. [Update 6/25/2019]


    With the disheartening situation of exit scams and discontinued projects that take advantages of investors' innocence and our website, the management of had an agonizing time brainstorming and dscusssing how we can help protect investors and us ourselves. After almost a month of off and on discussions with several key members (due to location and time differences), we decided to have the following changes.


    • Henceforth, project owners and representatives requesting listing and announcement will require ETH payment.
    • Our redistribution smart contract can selfdrop ANY ERC20 tokens. We will accept other ERC20 tokens that does not use selfdrop method as their means of distribution method. A dedicated page is being constructed for them.
    • For the website, we will provide free spaces on the website for advertisements in order to get additional revenue.

    We have to admit that our funds are highly insufficient now to get listed on prominent exchanges. We would like to remind every donors that the SDTK tokens were primarily made as a utility token (in order to receive other ERC20 tokens from our main smart contract) and not as a tradeable asset. However, due to demand from our prior investors, we will add SDTK tokens on prominent exchanges in due time.


    We are still brainstorming additional utility for the SDTK tokens. Please continue visiting our website to increase our SEO. Nevertheless, please expect lesser projects to be announced due to the changes we made in the requirements for listing — we made this change to filter scams and weak projects from promising and propitious ones.


    It is no doubt that and SDTK is still a great project. We will keep going on and will push forward.




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