Ongoing SDTK Selfdrop: EXAC

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    sdtk token distribution

    Thank you for your interest to support our work and our platform. We are striving hard and spending a lot of sleepless nights to provide everyone with all the latest selfdrops that we can find as well as negotiating with other start-up ERC20 projects to collaborate with us in order to have limitless ERC20 token supply that we can selfdrop using the SDTK selfdrop redistribution platform.


    SDTK tokens are being distributed for FREE (subject to change with prior notice). Everyone can receive 100 SDTK tokens once per unique Ethereum wallet address by simply sending 0 ETH to our donation smart contract below. If you believe that 100 SDTK tokens are small, please note that our total token supply is 100 million ONLY. 


    For angel investors and crypto-philanthropists who want to support our endeavor, please donate a minimum of 0.001 ETH to our SDTK selfdrop smart contract (not our main smart contract) below and instantly receive 1,000 SDTK tokens. You can also donate a minimum of 0.02 NEO to our NEO donation address below. Your donations will serve as fuel for our motivation and continuous service of providing everyone with the latest ongoing selfdrops and airdrops in the crypto world.





    Please donate a minimum of 0.02 NEO. Please do not forget to message us in Telegram @selfdrop_admin and provide us with your Ethereum wallet address so that we can send your SDTK tokens manually.





    Please donate a minimum of 0.001 ETH and instantly receive 1,000 SDTK tokens back to your Ethereum wallet where the ETH came from. Higher amount of donations will be rewarded with more SDTK tokens.




    • Monthly hosting fees and additional add-on services for our website (SSL certificate, data storage and back-ups, DDoS mitigation, Internet security, etc.)

    • Listing Fees for future listings of SDTK on more Exchanges.

    • Purchasing sustainable ERC20 tokens that we will periodically selfdrop using the SDTK main smart contract to all SDTK token holders such as 0xprotocol (ZRX), Hydro protocol (HOT), Omisego (OMG), Zilliqa (ZIL), and many others in the future.

    • Paying for Gas Fees and contract deployment Fees for our other future smart contract innovative developments.

    • Although 0.001 ETH is worth only around 15¢, it is enough for us to buy ourselves a cup of hot instant coffee to keep us going on every sleepless nights going over the Internet to search and list all selfdrops we can find in the crypto world.