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    For project owners and direct representatives only.


    • Website listing and rating is FREE. Your project will be listed in our NEWLY LISTED page. Announcement in our Telegram channel (9,000+ subscribers) will also be made.


    • Our rating system has a strict criteria utilizing the latest data cross-checking technology currently available on the internet. We hold the independent rights to rate any start-ups ERC20 selfdrop projects with the rating we deemed fit based on the result of our extensive research.


    • If you want to be listed in our FEATURED SELFDROP page, we kindly ask a donation of atleast 0.5 ETH and 0.5 ETH worth of your ERC20 tokens. The FEATURED SELFDROP page is located in our main page to ensure maximum public exposure. The FEATURED SELFDROP page is also written in 4 different languages — English, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese. Donor ERC20 projects will also be allowed reannouncement of their project in our Telegram channel per additonal 1 ETH worth of donated ERC20 tokens.


    • The 0.5 ETH worth of ERC20 tokens received will be selfdropped back to our community through our own selfdrop redistribution smart contract. The 0.5 ETH will serve as our advance compensation for the risk that we take to announce the details of your project without absolute guarantee to us if your project will be successful or will exit scam.


    • We have the utmost independence to do the selfdrop of your donated ERC20 tokens whenever we want.


    • If all of the information above are clear and you wish to proceed with the listing or if you have any other questions, please message us in Telegram @selfdrop_admin.


    Listing Request Terms and Conditions