Ongoing SDTK Selfdrop: EXAC

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    Our rating system has a strict criteria utilizing the latest data cross-checking technology currently available on the internet. We hold the independent rights to rate any start-ups ERC20 selfdrop projects with the rating we deemed fit based on the result of our extensive research. Nevertheless, we still encourage investors to have due diligence to do their own research and investigation towards any ICOs/ITOs that we list. Below are the updated basis for our rating score:

    • Verified contract source code +2.
    • Etherscan verified project (with token logo in Etherscan) +2.
    • SSL certified website +2. Non-SSL certified website -1. No website -2.
    • Original web and whitepaper contents (not plagiarized) +2. Misspellings and/or grammar mistakes -1. Plagiarized web and/or whitepaper contents -2.
    • Possible real team (not internet-copied photos) +2. Fake team pictures -2. No team pictures -2. No team -2.

    • Perfect rating is 10/10.